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Call Us Now: (309) 643-1391

Call Us Now: (309) 643-1391

Life is better with ice cream!

If life is a bowl of dark ice cream, small moments we enjoyed are colorful sprinkles all over it.

Who doesn’t like ice cream? We have a passion for it! So we decided to bring a piece of Mexico for everyone to be able to delight in the wonderful flavors!


Our chefs and staff are qualified to give you a high-end experience with every scoop.


All our ingredients are fresh, delicious and nutritious to make the best possible dishes for our customers.


We use locally sourced ingredients and to give back to our community.


At Palarte, we take care of our customers and staff's health.
We have implemented new safety measures to provide our customers with an experience that is both hygienic and fun. Click below to learn how we are picking your health and safety first.

Read what our regulars are saying...

Tom O.

I've tried the ice cream, popsicles and the smoothies and it's all so flavorful. Cool and delicious treats for a hot summer! They have some traditional American ice cream and popsicle flavors, but they also have Nutella, spicy mango, pine nut, guava and horchata to name a few. Stop in and you won't be disappointed!

Patrick E.

Delicious homemade Mexican ice cream located in the Metro Centre. They have many unique flavors that are unlike traditional ones you might find at your local Peoria shop. Grape, queso, blackberry, lavender, and many more. Oddly enough I did not see any popsicles. Their scoops are slightly smaller than the other Mexican ice cream shop and they are a bit pricier. But the interior is much more spacious and clean; although, seating is still limited.
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